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Small business employers may be eligible for free tailored written advice about pay and entitlements from our Employer Advisory Service (EAS).

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About the EAS

The EAS helps small business employers make informed decisions about employee entitlements and other workplace issues, including:

  • entitlements under the National Employment Standards, including -
    • maximum weekly hours
    • requests for flexible working arrangements
    • casual conversion
    • parental leave and related entitlements
    • annual leave
    • personal/ carer’s leave, compassionate leave and family and domestic violence leave
    • community service leave
    • public holidays
    • notice of termination and redundancy pay
    • Fair Work Information Statement and Casual Employment Information Statement
  • award or enterprise agreement provisions
  • payslip and recording keeping obligations
  • other pay and employee entitlements.

Information guarantee

If you’ve sought and followed the advice provided by the EAS in good faith and that advice turns out to be incorrect, we won’t take any action against your business for relying on that advice. However, you must still rectify any entitlements that may be owed to your employees. Any employees affected (including third parties) may take their own action.

Eligibility for the EAS

If a small business employer calls us or makes an online enquiry through My account, we may refer them to the EAS if they meet all the following criteria:

  • they’re covered by the Fair Work system and have fewer than 15 employees at the time of the enquiry
  • their enquiry relates to pay and entitlements under the National Employment Standards, award or enterprise agreement
  • they’re happy for an EAS adviser to contact them and discuss their enquiry in more depth.

Accessing the EAS

You can only be referred to the EAS program – you can’t access it directly before making an enquiry with us. 

First you need to make an enquiry with us about a workplace issue. You can do this by either: