Small business employers may be eligible for free tailored written advice about pay and entitlements from our Employer Advisory Service (EAS).

Read our case studies below about how the EAS can help small businesses.

Hiring first employee – photographer

Nicole owns a studio that provides themed sets and props for clients to hire for photo shoots. She also offers photo shoots for private clients. Nicole’s business has been doing well and she’s ready to hire her first employee, but she needs information about what pay and entitlements apply.

Nicole contacts us for information. She explains to the EAS adviser that the business’s main income comes from the studio’s hiring services to its clients. The adviser establishes that the role will be primarily focused on hiring sets and props to customers. The adviser also establishes that the employee would mainly work at night and over the weekend.

Based on this information, the adviser prepares written advice explaining:

  • that the General Retail Industry Award covers the employee because their duties will mostly involve hiring services
  • how Nicole can work out the appropriate classification under the award for the role
  • the penalty rates and allowances that apply for working outside normal hours.

The adviser also includes links to resources that will help Nicole when hiring her first employee.

Hiring first employee – contract cleaning industry

Clare has started a cleaning business and wants to hire her first employee. The business carries out general cleaning duties for commercial and residential properties. Clare needs information about pay rates and the different allowances and classifications that apply to her employee. Clare wants written advice that she can rely on to make sure she is giving her employee their correct entitlements.

An EAS adviser spends time with Clare to collect extra information about the business. This includes information about the employee’s expected duties, how the employee would be travelling between sites and the expected work hours.

Based on the information Clare provides, the adviser determines that the Cleaning Services Award covers the employees.

The adviser provides written advice for each of the issues that Clare needs help with. The adviser also provides links to additional tools and resources to help Clare with hiring her first employees.

Award coverage – building and construction

Mark runs a business that supplies and installs play and recreation equipment for councils and schools. The business also carries out planning and design work, as well as maintenance and safety audits.

Mark needs to understand which award covers his business and to check what his employees need to be paid.

The EAS adviser spends time with Mark understanding the employees’ primary duties, whether qualifications were required for the roles and the nature of Mark’s business.

Mark explains that the business is mostly involved in excavation work, installing and a small amount of landscaping. Based on this information, the adviser determines that the Building and Construction General On-Site Award covers Mark’s business and employees.

The adviser sends Mark written advice that clearly explains the relevant pay rates and classification structure under the award, as well as other entitlements and allowances that apply.

Award coverage and classifications – health care and social assistance

Sunita has just started a new dentistry business and needs to employ dual dental assistant and reception staff to support her growing business.

Sunita needs information about award coverage, as well as employment type and classification information. She wants to use this information to prepare new employment contracts and as a future reference as her business grows.

The EAS adviser has a detailed discussion with Sunita to confirm the employees’ duties, hours of work and what qualifications or skills they’ll need to be able to perform their duties.

Based on the information Sunita provides, the adviser determines that the business is covered by the Health Professionals and Support Services Award. The adviser provides Sunita with written advice outlining the relevant pay rates, classification, and progression information under the award.

Sunita is also given specific information and resources to help her with hiring her new employees.